“The great use of life is to spend it for something that will outlast it.”

-  William James

It’s a beautiful thing when you love what you do for a living. When that happens, it shows in the work you leave behind. Whether the roof over your head, a favorite new living space or an entire home – designed and constructed from the ground up, everything we build, we build to last. But that’s only part of our legacy. Custom construction, luxury renovations and roofing aren’t just our passions, they’re our birthrights. Following in the footsteps of the talented tradesmen who came before us, we invite you to let our legacies converge with the one-of-a-kind legacy you are creating for your own family.

the team
Portrait of Christopher "Kip" Crego, Chief Operating Officer.
Christopher "Kip" Crego
Chief Operating Officer

For Kip, the word “legacy” means you’ve made your place in the world and have created a life that others will remember. When he was just a boy, he witnessed the power of legacy firsthand. His dad ran a construction business and Kip has many happy memories of tagging along to help out. It was on those job sites with his dad that he learned all about the industry and still applies many of those lessons learned today. As a people person with a gift for gab, Kip is a natural fit for the construction industry – whether building a network of vendors or meeting new clients. He loves that his job affords him the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life. When working with a homeowner – whether on a roofing job or renovation – his goal is to make them as comfortable and happy as possible. With a focus on building lasting relationships, he hopes they are so impressed with the level of customer service they receive, that they think of the Legacy team for all future projects.
His all-time favorite project involves varying degrees of kitchen renovations because he believes it truly is the heart of the home – the room where everyday moments and all family gatherings take place. That’s because family means the world to Kip – his own family is the reason for everything he does. He and his wife, Sarah, have four kids – Kaden, Kayson, Evie and Sunny. The Crego family lives in Buford, are proud Buford Wolves and attend 12 Stone Church. When not overseeing a roofing or renovation, you can find Kip spending time with family or coaching his son’s youth baseball team.

Portrait of Chris Brown, Chief Executive Officer.
Chris Brown
Chief Executive Officer

For Chris, a “legacy” stands the test of time. He likes to think that Legacy Construction + Renovations is leaving high quality work for its customers, work that could be left for future generations. The word “legacy” also holds very personal meaning. His great grandfather, grandfather, father and uncle were all home builders, and now that craft has been passed down to him. He got his start in the family lumber yard as a kid. As a teen, he helped his dad on several of house builds. By 2008, he began flipping and rehabbing houses and in 2018, he started building custom homes.  With a true talent for multi-tasking, Chris has owned two other successful businesses along the way. A great deal of that success stems from his approach to customer service. He encourages his team to treat everyone as a valued customer no matter the size of the job.  He focuses on building relationships and earning his customers’ trust by communicating with them and keeping them informed about the process. He considers it a “job well done” when the customer is happy at the end of construction.  As far as his favorite room of the home, Chris loves an open concept that combines a kitchen and living room. It’s a living space that promotes togetherness.
In Chris’ view, family is everything.  Close friends often come and go over the years, but family is always there to celebrate with or help in times of need.  He grew up on a family compound named Brown Ridge Lane where his grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins were also neighbors. Chris grew up surrounded by family – the bond with his brothers and cousins was particularly tight, and still is.  A few years ago, he built his own beautiful custom modern farmhouse on the family compound. Today, his five kids – two boys and three girls – get to experience the same unique family-focused upbringing. When not working, you can usually catch Chris at one of his kids’ track meets, baseball/football/soccer/basketball games, or cheer competitions. He also really enjoys lake and beach life and cheering on virtually every Georgia sports team (minus Georgia Tech – no offense to you Yellow Jackets out there!)

Portrait of Linh. C. Dinh, Chief Financial Officer.
Linh C. Dinh
Chief Financial Officer

For Linh, “legacy” means the mark that we will leave behind when our time on Earth is done. It could be something that we’ve accomplished or something that we’ve done to make a difference in another person’s life. Unlike Chris and Kip, he is not following a family legacy in construction – but is excited to serve as the industry pioneer for his own family. With an approach of working smart and not hard, Linh is always thinking of different ways to streamline processes while delivering the best quality service imaginable. He understands that anyone can provide a service, but it might just be a one-time deal. He believes building relationships is essential for the long-term success of any business. When people like a company’s work and trust the team that stands behind that work, they will undoubtedly refer that company to their families and friends.
In Linh’s world, family is the most important thing. He has three children and a wife who is supportive of everything he does. He will always give his all to ensure the best life possible for his family, and he knows many Legacy clients share that sentiment. When he’s not working, you can find Linh exploring one of his new found passions out on the golf course. Still new to the sport, he’s always learning and trying to improve. In addition to being a great networking tool for building relationships with vendors and meeting clients, golf is something Linh looks forward to sharing with his sons – all of whom play. He can already envision future father-son golf trips and playing with them when he is well into his 80’s.

As fully bonded, insured and licensed general contractors, the entire Legacy Construction + Renovations Team offers a wealth of industry knowledge. Our clients appreciate our dedication to professionalism and integrity. Not only do we do what we say we’re going to do, we also do it in a timely fashion.

The legacy team can’t wait to meet you!

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